Investment Management


Invescore’s objective is to protect and increase the wealth of its clients by providing superior risk-adjusted returns through exclusive access to differentiated investment opportunities.

Invescore’s unique approach focuses on identifying and selecting investment managers with specialised focus, deep expertise and outstanding long-term performance. Invescore’s Investment Management team forms Saudi Arabian, GCC- or MENA-wide partnerships with selected managers, with current partners managing over USD 15 billion across public and private markets, including equity and credit, with exposure through structures such as limited partnership (LP) funds and Shari’ah-compliant separately managed accounts (SMAs). Invescore will in some cases structure investment vehicles on behalf of its investor base.

Investment Managers

Invescore provides select investment managers with enhanced ability to grow their business internationally by partnering with Invescore and gaining access to its global client base, with particular emphasis on profound demand in the Middle East.

Select Investment Manager Partners