Merchant Banking


Invescore is uniquely positioned to work with corporate clients seeking to expand their business into Saudi Arabia and the GCC. Co-Development is an Invescore-specific, substantially emerging market financial and strategic investment strategy. Invescore, leveraging its deep roots in Saudi Arabia and the GCC, partners with leading technology providers and local market business leaders, to meet highly specific local market needs. Advising and co-investing, Invescore leads the development of strategic alliances and joint ventures from inception to operations.

Strategic Advisory

Invescore provides strategic advice on mergers, acquisitions, disposals, restructuring and capital raising (debt and equity).

Invescore clients are leading corporations which are active in areas of business that are of strategic interest for the Saudi Arabian and GCC markets, prominent entrepreneurs, family-owned businesses, private and public corporations seeking an independent approach to design and implement their strategic expansion plans.